Manny’s Mouth

Manny Ramirez is wearing a Pure Power Mouthguard this season — according to the Boston Herald — which the outfielder is using to help relax his jaw, neck, and head muscles as he swings his bat. The theory behind the mouthpiece, which took more than one hour during spring training to get custom-fitted for Ramirez, is that the relaxed head muscles helped an “improved bite that improves strength, balance and flexibility.”

I don’t think I have ever heard of anyone getting a custom-fitted mouthguard but would you really expect anything different from Manny?

Here are his numbers on the year so far…

  • Avg .287
  • HR 8 (on pace of 27)
  • RBI 28 (96)
  • Runs 29 (100)
  • SB 1 (3.44)

His career averages are about .312 with about 33 HRs, 109 RBI and 92 runs.