Excuse Me Ma’am, You’re How Old?

Just got this article from my sister who I thought was studying but apparently not… but here it is anyways.

Turns out, there is this Israeli Arab woman who claims she was born in 1888, which would make her 120 years old this year and surpass the oldest person alive by far – 6 years older than the oldest person alive right now… an Edna Parker of Indiana.

Mariam Amash filled in the routine form with anything but routine information. Amash, who recently applied for a new Israeli identity card, said she was born 120 years ago — a claim, if confirmed, that would make her the oldest person in the world. The Guinness Book of Records currently lists 114-year-old Edna Parker of Shelbyville, Ind., as holding that title. – Article

Her relatives are saying that she has 11 children in total (10 sons and 1daughter). The oldest child being well into the 80’s now… She also has approximately 120 grandchildren, 250 great-grandchildren and 20 great-great grandchildren according to family members. That’s just remarkable.

So how does this woman continue to live a healthy life at such a high age? Her granddaughter-in-law said that she is a “healthy, active woman. She walks each day and makes sure she drinks at least one glass of olive oil.” Obviously a person of her age would have a great amount of historical knowledge in her and she certainly does. She likes to talk about the history since the Turkish times when they controlled over the Holy Land ended with World War I.

I wish I live up to at least 115 years old, a certain someone would owe me a dollar.