Yankees Sign Pitcher With Six Fingers!

Got this off of the <LoHud Yankee Blog> run by Peter Abraham which really has all the stuff you need to know about the Yankees with occasional updates from the minor leagues and about draft picks as well. Really feeds the inner closet fan in me to read that blog daily.

So it turns out that new Yankees pitcher Oneli Pérez is polydactylic.

What does that mean, you ask? He has six fingers on each hand. I had no idea before I was sent to his Wikipedia page by Mark, an alert reader.

Perez was claimed off waivers today from the Indians (see the Game 72 post) and sent to Trenton.

When asked about Perez, Brian Cashman smiled. “I got the pitcher from Cleveland you’ve all been expecting,” he said.

I’d like make a funny remark about the Yankees cheating and picking up a guy with six fingers on each hand but I really wanna see this guy succeed and possibly pitch in the Majors… what a story that would be.

By the way, can the Blue Jays suck a little more? The only team in the AL East to have a sub-.500 record and 2.5 games behind the “lowly” Baltimore Orioles. The Jays have averaged scoring ONLY 2.4 RUNS A GAME FOR THE PAST EIGHT GAMES! That’s only 19 runs scored in their past 72 innings. Fantastic!