Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Even though the posting has died down severaly in the past few weeks, I promise I have a couple of posts lined up from this past month that I will get to once I am done with this Actuary exam on the 9th. Also if you’re interested in guest writing for me, please let me know. I know a couple of peope have expressed interest but just haven’t gotten around to writing anything. 

Anyways, I’ve gotten a chance to watch some Bowl games and I have this post scheduled to go up at midnight so I guess this is from two days ago when Oregon played Oklahoma State. Oregon’s bakcs are just remarkable: Jeremiah Masoli and LeGarrette Blount make a mockery of the OK State secondary in the following clips:

1. Masoli trucks a defender towards the end of his run:

2. Masoli trucks a linebacker and continues running for a touchdown.

3. Blount hurdles a defender, stiff-arms another and keeps running for a touchdown.

4. ESPN Game Highlights: