22 Inning Baseball Game

I was just talking to my brother last night about lengthy baseball games after hearing it on Mike and the Mad Dog. They were talking about the long Yankee/Red Sox games that seem to take away from the rivalry now with the pitchers just unable to hand the two explosive offensive sides. This happens the very same day that the Padres and Rockies duke out a 2-1 game that lasted 22 Innings – MLB Wrap Up.

I’ve heard arguments that rosters should be expanded to more than 25 so teams can be allowed to carry an extra pitcher or two incase they get burned out the day before but I am totally against that. If a team is able to hit around your starter where you are forced to go to your bullpen rather early in the game or are unable to score runs in extra innings where you are forced to use multiple relievers, that is your fault and not your opponents. Your opponent should be rewarded for putting you in such a situation the next day where they face a tired team.

Yea we constantly hear that baseball has just become a hitters game with no respect being shown to the pitchers but I think most of these pitchers are just babied way too much. “Oh, we must put an innings limit on him” or “He’s on a pitch limit today”. Let these guys go out and pitch as long as they can. Let them get out of trouble and don’t bail them out and go to someone in your pen. None of the young guys ever learn that way and if they don’t get the experience now, you’re bound to pay for it later.

Let me know what you guys think… should the MLB expand rosters to say 27-28 where 2-3 guys are on reserve and a team is able to rotate players in and out on a given night to rest some players? So you always have 25 guys suited up for a game but in between games, a team can switch players and not have to option a guy or put him on a list. It’s an interesting idea to toss around.