Pandemonium in Hoboken

In the famous words of Matt Fitzsimmons that was heard during the most watched telecast in Empire 8 TV history, there was “Pandemonium in Hoboken” last night as the Stevens Ducks knocked off the defending D-III Men’s Soccer Champions in Middlebury Panthers in dramatic penalty kicks fashion. The Ducks now proceed to face Amherst in the national semi-finals which are to be played December¬† 5th in Greensboro, North Carolina and the final is played the following day at the same site.

For an in-depth recap of last night’s remarkable sectional final between two of the top-5 defenses in the country, go and read Rob Kulish’s recap on It just seems fitting where a Middlebury team that won it all last year despite scoring a goal in the Final Four (both games were scoreless ties from what I remember that went to PKs) lost their first NCAA game since 2006 on a scoreless tie. The Ducks scored only 1 goal in 220 minutes of playing time and still somehow managed to advance to the national semi-finals.

Hopefully I will be in North Carolina in two weeks and get to broadcast the Ducks game against Amherst but for those of you who are located on the campus of Stevens Institute of Technology and want to see yesterday’s game, it is available on SITTV’s website: (Men’s Soccer vs. Middlebury NCAA Sectional Final)