Switch Hitter vs. Switch Pitcher

Well the Yankees just seem to be on a roll drafting unique pitchers. Yesterday I had the story of the Yankees signing the pitcher with six fingers. Now here is Pat Venditte, a pitcher they drafted in the 45th round who can pitch with both hands. So obviously this was bound to happen as he faced a switch hitter as neither side could decide which side of the plate the batter wanted to bat from and then which hand the pitcher wanted to pitch from. Chaos ensues.

As one blogger stated perfectly and sums up my thoughts exactly.

This story doesn’t deserve a 30 second blurb at the tail end of Baseball Tonight. This story deserves a 5-minute ‘Tim Kurkjian recites baseball history’ voiceover that we get with every other monumental baseball milestone. This story deserves further footage.

Here is the SportsCenter clip: [0:35]

Here is the live SNY clip, chaos as it unflods in front of your eyes: [5:29]