Did This Really Happen?

As DeadSpin brilliantly put it, “This is easily one of the most amazing sports videos you’ll ever see. Inexplicably, a ref felt that the LSU Tigers weren’t playing tough enough defense against South Carolina last night, and he decided to do something about it.”

I have never seen anything like this happen before… well never anything so blunt.

A Reason To Believe?

After Barack Obama recorded the largest victory in this very early primary season in South Carolina, now is there a reason to believe in this race again? With a resounding 55% of the votes from nearly half a million Democratic voters from which there were around 75% support from African American voters but only 35% of non-African American voters. Now with two belts on completely different ends of the spectrum… Iowa – rather large White population to South Carolina with its large Black population.

Now there is a Florida primary next Tuesday which carries no delegates and outside of Hilary Clinton, no major Democratic candidate had even campaigned there. So expect a Clinton win there setting up a super heavyweight match up come Super Tuesday of monumental proportions.

Now the wait is on for February 5th, which is in a week and a half…