Congress: Hard At Work?

So early this morning my best friend from Ireland sent me this article reporting that Senator Arlen Specter, the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee from Pennsylvania, wants to call National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell in for hearings regarding why the confiscated video tapes which allegedly implicated the New England Patriots in the SpyGate scandal were destroyed and never made public.

Immediately after reading the story, my initial response was “Congress really needs to find better things to do.” With the economy failing and the dollar dropping, there being no end of the war in sight and the rest of the world cannot stand for anything American… one would think Congress really has more pressing matters to sort through than the Steroids in Baseball and now SpyGate in Football. Yes those are troubling issues plaguing the sports world but let the commissioners and owners and players clean that up and certainly if the fans really care this much about cleaning up their sport, they should stop attending… but we know that is not happening so just the sports clean it up themselves. Baseball was a little late but they eventually did it, and yea Patriots probably cheated with SpyGate but adding asterisk to their season does not prove anything. You can have all the information in the world but you still need to have coaches and players on the field who can execute plays game in, game out. No amount of cheating and make up for that.

Congress… just go back to work on more pressing issues and get these American fans some jobs or try fixing the economy or how about improving the situation in Iraq or the way Americans are viewed around the world? Baseball and Football are really third-class issues when compared to those.