ABC Debate: Comedy Hour?

A lot of people have made a big deal with about the debates before where Hilary was asked tough questions and now with Obama. I have no problem with the media trying to investigate these guys (and girl) thoroughly but do it on the issues. It is not important to this election whether the guy wears a flag pin in the Senate or what he thinks about his neighbor (one that he had a limited relationship with) and his dealings with The Weather Underground in the 1960s (when Obama wasn’t even 10 years old yet!). No one questioned why McCain and Clinton haven’t worn their pins in the Senate and that’s fine because that is not an issue that someone should be (or should not be) elected President. I think Jon Stewart pointed out that the first question on economy was posed to the candidates about 50 minutes and 16 questions into the debate… shows where their priorities lied that night.

It matters what they have planned regarding the country’s failing economy, the healthcare system and soaring gas prices that have seeming gone up 10 cents in the past week. I think it was a real joke what ABC did with this past “debate” and it just seemed like a partisan attack from the get go. The moment you have someone who moderates a debate that was a key figure in Bill Clinton’s administration certainly raises questions about the integrity of the debate. Hopefully the Pennsylvanian voters are smarter than that and can see through the mud slinging politics that we are still stuck in today.

Anyways, ran across this clip on YouTube and it is pretty funny. A mock George Stephanopoulos interview with Senator John McCain on the “real” issues but you would never know it if you actually watch the debates or interviews.