Manny Being Manny… in LA

This is the third post I have titled “Manny Being Manny” in less than three months but it seems quite appropriate given the fact that Manny Ramirez is batting 10-16 (.625) with 2 HRs and 5 Runs and RBIs. All that is probably to be expected given Manny’s talent but what probably pisses off the Boston Red Sox the most was the fact that he wasn’t even trying anymore.

In the four games he has played for the Dodgers, Manny has gotten two infield hits (a weak grounder to SS and even an up the line grounder to the first baseman). Think about that! Manny got infield hits! Manny Ramirez who was paid an average of $20 Million over the past five years certainly proved his worth by making it to the All-Star game every year since 1998, bring home two World Series Championships and even a World Series MVP.

The one manager everyone said all along who could control egos and talent and find a way to get the team to succeed would be Joe Torre. Torre did it for 12 years under The Boss and now he’ll find a way to do it in LA where he knows Manny is playing for his contract, a supposed 4 year – $100 Million contract that some team will pay because his agent is Scott Boras. Manny does not want to cause any more trouble and wants to show that he has put that character behind him but that will certainly be a hard sell given the way he treated the Red Sox organization. The Red Sox front office is highly respected across the board in the MLB and they are all aware of the way Manny treated them and would show up on game day saying he had an unspecified injury on a knee and when pressed on the issue, couldn’t even remember which knee was bothering him.

Mike Golic from “Mike & Mike in the Morning,” the other day said that he would take a steroid-taker over a quitter any day on his team. Now that is quite a line to cross and you are certainly deciding which is the lesser evil. But if you are pressed on the issue and you had to take one of the two players… would you want someone like Manny Ramirez who you know will quit on the team in an instant if he is not happy or finds something that is bothering him or will you take a Barry Bonds (who has yet to be proven guilty for any steroid use) but I am only using him for arguments sake.

So is it Manny Ramirez and his on the field antics or will you take Barry Bonds with the entire circus that follows him off the field but one that you know will show up to play every day? I still don’t know which player I would take and I will probably think about this one the entire day but let me know who you guys would take. Manny or Barry?

Derek Jeter: Mr. Overrated? 1

So here is a sneak peek at a chapter that I have written for my book. The title of the book is Diamond Destruction: How Greed, The Media and Steroids Ruined Our Game. Let me know what you guys think.

This specific chapter is called “Derek Jeter: Mr. Overrated?” which I am sure is going to be a big hit amongst my Yankee friends. Maybe this is my own way of removing the closet Yankee fan label or the fact that I never fell for the Jeter hype in the first place. Not really sure what it was but I never thought he is this superstar that everyone makes him out to be. Just think about Jeter who does not put up any big numbers and plays shortstop – if he put up these numbers for a team like Kansas City Royals or another lower tier team by today’s standings, no one would even know who Derek Jeter is. He was quite fortunate to fall into a perfect place with the Yankees who had stars and he was just a very small piece who didn’t even play that big of a role in their ultimate success.

Anyways, enjoy the chapter. I might release more as I go along but feel free to criticize, point out errors or add any other input you may have on this. If you want to read everything I have, feel free to contact me. So far I would say I have about 50 pages worth written and I’m still looking for more people to read it, rip it to shreds so I can improve on it.

I will not waste much time in making my point very clear regarding this chapter. I have long stated and still stand by the statement that Derek Sanderson Jeter, also known as Mr. November to many fans around the country, is one of the most overrated and overhyped baseball players to play the game in my lifetime. Certainly it does not help that he was drafted for the Evil Empire but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like every single player who has put on a pinstripe. There are plenty of Yankees who I have great admiration for and hoped that they had played for my favorite team. (more…)

Reddit Frontpage!

Well here is a first, for me at least. I try to submit interesting stories and usually none that I see have already been submitted and this is the first time a story has made it to the front page. I have also been commenting more often and the Reddit score jumped from 1 to 18, a score which hadn’t changed for the past five months since I joined Reddit. You can go check out the site now at or view the screenshot below. My username is cuptocanada.

By the way, the story that I submitted Terry Bradshaw admits using steroids in ’70s which he came out and admitted yesterday saying it was doctor prescribed and was administered to make him heal faster. You can argue either side on this issue whether he cheated to get an advantage or just took something that was not illegal at the time.

Me on Reddit Frontpage

Anyways, congrats to me 😛

P.S. Yes that is me using a Windows 2000 computer at work and MS Paint to highlight my story.

Interested In Reading My Book?

As some of you may have heard, I am currently in the midst of writing a book on baseball and issues that are plauging the game today. I want to say I am just about half way through writing it, since I don’t expect the book to be very long about 100-125 pages. The chapters are going to cover various issues including steroids, the media and how the influence of money has taken over the game.

I already have one reader and I am currently looking for maybe 2 or 3 more people who are interested in critically reading what I have written and tearing it to shreds with corrections, suggestions and even ideas on what else to write. Let me know if you are interested, and I’ll arrange to send you a copy of what I have.

Plus, if you are quite handy with graphic design and would like to design a front and back cover for the book, let me know and I can give you the title and what I would like to see on the cover. I am sure any work done towards the book can be appropriately compensated if we agree to something.

Give Us Back Baseball

A great post by Peter Abraham from The Journal News. If you really want your Yankee news and want to be kept updated on what’s going on, that is really the place to be. Here is his post from earlier this evening about how baseball really should have been focusing on the positive news this off season instead of now being bogged down by all this steroid talk.

You have to wonder whether Bud Selig is still so pleased with himself for getting George Mitchell to investigate the use of performance enhancing drugs in baseball.

I’m trying to figure out how looking into the past will help the game now or in the future. Thanks to this investigation, baseball is all tied up by Congress, the IRS, the FBI, assorted lawyers, weepy trainers and preachy columnists wringing their hands.

The Hall of Fame has been dragged into the muck and the 2008 season is headed that way. Andy Pettitte is now scheduled to appear before Congress on Feb. 13, a day before he reports to Tampa.

For what? Selig would have been much better off having Mitchell simply investigate the testing program and come with ideas to improve it. The Mitchell Report should have ended there. Now Selig has created a world where grandstanding Congressmen will try and get teammates to rat on each other before a live television audience. I didn’t need to see Rusty Hardin in action, thanks anyway Mr. Commissioner.

We should be reading about Joba Chamberlain and Jacoby Ellsbury, two Native American kids who will be center stage in the game’s biggest rivalry. Or hearing tales of the old days from Goose Gossage. Or trying to guess when Ken Griffey Jr. will hit his 600th home run.

Instead we get lawyers, hearings, charges and counter-charges. For what? I get it, a lot of players cheated. I knew that before. Stop telling us, just fix it. Give us back baseball.