Interesting Google Queries

I have attached below a recent Google Analysis on the terms searched on Google and if my blogs are in the top 20 (as in appear on the first page), these are the top search queries from that.

It is a little disturbing to see all those Tom Brady references to see whether he was actually on The Brady Bunch. I remember talking about it a couple of friends a day or two after I had posted the ESPN clip about him and the mock Brady Bunch references. Apparently, several people took that very seriously and did not get the joke. Among the top disturbing queries would be “Angry Tom Brady” and “Brady ‘Bunch Tom’ Brady” searches. I do not know what these people were thinking when they searched for it but certainly my blog appears #3 when you search for either of those two terms and there you have it. However, as of today if you search “Brady ‘Bunch Tom’ Brady“, I do appear #1 on the search result… go figure.

Outside of the title of the blog, I was impressed to see that I appear #1 when you search for “Super Tuesday Results” on Google.

Chris Berman going “Boinkers” now has me third overall.

Updated: Super Duper Tuesday

Barack Obama leads in the delegates that have been voted by ACTUAL VOTERS!!

The only reason Hilary Clinton is leading is because of the Superdelegates where she has an extra 87 delegates to boost her. What can you do when the system is designed to favor those who are in it and makes it very difficult for any one from outside to come in.

Super Duper Tuesday

(paraphrased from an email sent to a friend overseas summarizing Super Tuesday)

So the night started off interestingly early with Obama picking up Georgia with like 88% of the black vote and he only lost the white vote like 60-40. Clinton quickly replied with wins in new Jersey and new York both by 15 points. Obama won his state by 32 points. Obama picked up quality wins in Missouri, Connecticut and Kansas but Clinton has California, Massachusetts and Arizona to battle back.

I really hate the Super Delegate system where the party establishment has votes on who to give the delegates (look at attached picture below). Based on total voting delegates only! Clinton has a lead of 475 to 451 (only up by 24 delegates) but if you add super delegates 668 to 557 (lead goes up to 111)*. Gives Hilary quite the boost.

So the democratic race goes on with states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas still to vote all of them have triple digit delegates so we’ll see.

*note: numbers subject to change as more districts report numbers.

For the republicans, McCain kind of kicked butt but Huckabee surprised me picking up several states (WVA, TEN, ARK, ALA)… they are talking about a McCain / Huckabee ticket which is quite scary for America…

Super Tuesday

It is Super Tuesday in over 20 States across the country and you better go out and vote today. It does not matter who you vote for as long as it means you know some things about the candidates and you go out and vote for the one you prefer most.

Look for an update tonight after 9 PM on the results.

Super Tuesday – Weekend Polling

I apologize for the brevity of my diary; however, I think the results speak for themselves. Zogby has some pretty surprising results in his latest polls, which are to be released tomorrow.

Both parties have staged tight, seesawing battles for the nominations for November’s presidential election. Clinton, the New York senator, and Obama split the first four Democratic contests — Obama won Iowa and South Carolina, while Clinton won New Hampshire and Nevada.

In California, the poll found Obama led Clinton by 45 percent to 41 percent, with a margin of error of 2.9 percentage points. Clinton held statistically insignificant 1-point leads on Obama in New Jersey and Missouri, well within the margin of error of 3.4 percentage points in both surveys.

It would be an extraordinary feat to see Obama come within 1 point of Hillary in New Jersey, considering that it’s her backyard. Hillary also had a huge lead in Missouri just over a week ago, but now it seems that it has evaporated into thin air.

Furthermore, Obama appears to be consolidating his lead in Georgia.

Obama, an Illinois senator who would be the first black U.S. president, has a comfortable 20-point lead in Georgia fueled by a more than 3-to-1 advantage over Clinton among black voters.

From the polling results, we can ascertain that this race is precipitously shifting in favor of Obama.

Update: Many people are criticizing Zogby and some of their criticisms may be fair. however, the Field Poll will be coming out tomorrow and it will also show that the race in California is a dead heat, thus corroborating the results of Zogby’s poll that shows a dramatic shift towards Obama.

Taken from Daily Kos.