Charles Barkley As Wolverine?

As if the X-Men Origins film wasn’t getting enough promotion for the movie as it was, now they came out with this brilliant advertisement. Whoever thought of this one, definitely deserves a raise or a couple of claws or something.

I had been looking for this video online ever since I watched it on TNT during one of the basketball playoff games and finally found it tonight. Also, there is an entire Inside The NBA clip that I have attached after the break.

Wolverine Ad:

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Completely Random Stuff

1) Charles Barkley gets owned by his TNT co-worker Ernie Johnson. Definitely a MUST WATCH.

2) A Barack Obama And1 style mixtape that my roommate Joe sent me yesterday.

3) A ridiculous catch by Quinnipiac outfielder Brian Monack and he comes on ESPN to talk about it.