500+ Mile Commute To Work – Part II

The last time I did one of these, the commute was 576 miles from Boston – this time it was only 500 miles from New Jersey. I’m still not sure if I like these better than coming in the night before but maybe I should ask my family who are up at 4:30 to drop me off at the airport.

I woke up this morning at about 4am and was on the road to the airport at about 4:45. By the time I got to the airport at 5:15, I was fully expecting to be through check-in and security within 5 minutes like the last time I visited Jersey. What caught me off guard was that the Porter employees hadn’t even set up their counters yet. So there were a few of us just standing at the entrance to the airport waiting for them to set up shop before we could proceed. That killed a good 10-15 minutes just watching them at their snail pace. Following that, there was no hassle at the check-in counter except that they printed the wrong gate on every passenger’s boarding pass and sent people going around in circles for a gate that didn’t exist. The security check was probably the nicest experience outside of the people at Logan even though it got a bit redundant. I am assuming the guard thought it was my first flight because he asked me take out my laptop, then take off my jacket, then my belt, then empty my pockets and then my shoes even though I am well familiar with the process by now.

The boarding which was scheduled for 6:25, started right on time even though I have no idea how long we waited in the plane because the flight landed nearly 45 minutes late. I remember falling asleep a little before takeoff, being woken up by the turbulence immediately after taking flight and again at breakfast. My usual routine on flights is get on board, fall asleep and wake up when we land. The flight crew was great as expected for Porter Airlines, where they came back to offer me breakfast even though I was sleeping through their first pass around. It wasn’t the greatest culinary experience of all time but a very decent offering of a blueberry muffin with fresh fruits and a cup of orange juice to start your workday.

P.S. Anyone interested in skydiving in the summer? Check out a pretty good deal from Groupon.

Virginia Trip and a Question


Suppose your find out your very best friend killed someone (either from him/her, or you saw him/her, or whatever). Would you tell the police?

That’s a random question I’m going to ask if you read the start of the post… but if you want the story, continue reading below.


So I had an impromptu trip to Virginia earlier today (technically yesterday). This trip had been planned to happen almost every day over the course of the past week and it sort of just happened. Of all of the days to travel 4 hours South while West Virginia beats Duke, Kansas State falls to Wisconsin, Pittsburgh is defeated by Michigan State and Stanford and UCLA barely hold on to win their respective games against Marquette and Texas A&M. A special thanks to my official score-updater-texter-caller-person with a pink eye. Anyone who wants to update me on the games tomorrow, I’d appreciate a text every now and then.

Right now two of my cousins along with my sister and brother are randomly talking about something and what makes someone an accomplice if someone stole something or robbed a bank, I don’t really know and I’m not really paying attention.

It leads me to ask a question that a friend of mine asked the other day. Feel free to answer it in the comments. I just want to see what people would say, I’ve asked a couple of people already and the answers range from yes to no but its the reasoning that’s always intriguing.


Suppose your find out your very best friend killed someone (either from him/her, or you saw him/her, or whatever). Would you tell the police?