Politics. With a Sense of Humor.

So I had taken a little break from blogging because of this Actuary test but the moment I saw this, I knew I had to take a break right now and blog this. While watching The Daily Show, they showed an Obama clip when he was on with Chris Matthews on his College Tour or something like that. Matthews asks Obama if anytime in this campaign if something happened that he went to bed laughing about it.

Listen to Obama’s answer… Priceless.


The level of news that we get from Cable News is a laughing matter in itself and it does get joked about all the time. The look on Matthews face when he got that response was as unscripted of a look as you’ll ever get from him. But in all honesty, unless the news starts focusing on the actual issues like the failing economy or and not on silly issues like “How Card Counting is Good for Vegas” or how McCain’s wife’s Beer Money is helping his campaign. Can we for once just hear a little bit about what these candidates want to do regarding our failing education system that is leaving so many children behind? or a little news coverage on why McCain said that we would do nothing with the economy and it is bound to recover on its own?

Yes, I like him for his policies and vows for not taking any money from lobbyists but I’m also not naive to know that politicians will be politicians. Anyways, it’s always good to have a sense of humor to go along with all the policy talk and 3 AM phone calls. As for the sense of humor from Sen. Clinton and McCain… they are probably better off not having any.

On a side note… G2, Gatorade Tiger and NHL 08 for XBox 360 are definately the way to go. Anyways, enough of this for now. Back to Oreos and Random Variable Probabilities for me.

Burnout Paradise

I picked up Burnout Paradise yesterday for XBox 360… I was a little disappointed that while playing locally, you can only do one player but it does support up to 8 players cooperatively. I am only an hour into game play but I like method where you can pick up challenges and races as you please. So far I would say maybe one or two wreckages seem a little questionable but that is to be expected, you can only hope it is limited. I will play more in these upcoming days and nights and maybe I will put up a revised review.

Advice: Avoid this if you want to play multiplayer local, quite a disappointment with the lack of that feature. Maybe it will not be that bad online, who knows?