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Divisonal Playoff Prediction

Well here we go, NFL Divisional Playoff Weekend is just about here.

Seahawks at Packers (Saturday @ 4:30 on FOX)
I really want to see how Brett Favre decides to play this football game. He has lost 6 of his last 8 playoff games and could be his last game in Green Bay. Hopefully he does not play like he did in the Dallas game, going back and just slinging every pass 50 yards down the field. The Packers need to continue doing what got them to the playoffs this season – spread out the wide receivers and allow them to gain yards after the catch as well as using Ryan Grant to keep defenses honest. I think if the Packers still to that game plan, Seattle just cannot score enough points to beat them this year, maybe if they had Shaun Alexander of a couple of years ago where they would run over everyone but this year they ranked 20th in the league on the ground and with passing game that is only decent, I think Green Bay squeaks out a win in Lambeau Field. Green Bay 27-24.

Jaguars at Patriots (Saturday @ 8:30 on CBS)
This is probably going to be the best match up of the weekend. The Jaguars are coming off an impressive victory in Pittsburgh and you know the Patriots after their 16-0 regular season performance do not want their season to end with a disappointment. I like the way the Jaguars defense plays and forces the offenses to become one dimensional with their great rushing defense. Yes the Patriots are great a passing team but the Jags have an athletic defense that could pose trouble for the likes of Moss or Welker. I think if the Jaguars just hold their own in the early stages of the game and do not succumb to a deep pass or two early, they are a team that can probably will out a win later in the games where so many other teams have failed. I think that because of their quarterback David Garrard – who is no Eli Manning, no AJ Feeley and certainly no Kyle Boller – he is a much better quarterback and only threw 3 interceptions in the regular season… that is going to be key, protecting the football. For everything that the Patriots have done this year, you certainly cannot count them out but do not overlook the Jaguars because I see them winning this game. Jaguars win 31-24.

Chargers at Colts (Sunday at 1 on CBS)
If you want to see a game with two high powered offenses, this is the game to watch. It is not only Peyton Manning vs. LaDainian Tomlinson, but Manning has so many options in Wayne, Addai, Clark and now add Harrison into that mix as well. Phillip Rivers will be troubled with the apparent loss of Antonio Gates who is still game time decision will not be 100% even if he plays but they have added Chris Chambers since the last time these two teams met and that will provide some balance in the Charger attack. Chargers pulled out a lucky win earlier in the year when Adam Vinatieri missed a chip shot, I have a feeling Manning will not let the game be that close this time around. One thing that is often overlooked about this Colts team is their defense. The D ranked #1 in the league in scoring, allowing just over 16 points a game and while they put up nearly 30 that does not bode well for their opponents. No team has put up over 25 points on the Colts this year and it will still be the case after this game. Colts win easy 35-21.

Giants at Cowboys (Sunday at 4:30 on FOX)
So Eli Manning finally got that monkey off his back last week with an impressive win over the Bucs. The Giants certainly have everything working for them right now – they have the momentum, they have the confidence in their quarterback and everyone seems to be on the same page and traveling to Dallas, they are going to need every bit of that if they wish to pull out a victory. The Cowboys pretty much limped into the playoffs losing 2 of their last 3, scoring only 12 points in the loses. Tony Romo and company should benefit from the extra week’s rest and the home field advantage but the winning streak the Giants have can be very dangerous. Everyone says it is very difficult to beat a team 3 times in one season but I think if they have done it twice already, they sort of know what to do against you and unless the Giants make dramatic changes I do not see how they will avoid making it 3 straight.A healthy TO should provide to be the difference maker in this game, I see the Giants falling just a little short. I know I am going to take beating from some over enthusiastic Giant fans but I will stick by my original prediction, Cowboys win 24-17.

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  1. hb2021z3 says

    hmm, i agree with 3 of the 4 picks

    1) packs will beat the seahawks in impressive fashion. combine their strong defense with the ultimate home field advantage in all of sports and it makes green bay very tough to beat. as long as favre sticks to the game plan (i.e. avoid trufant and avoid the gunslinging from the dallas game) GB wins this one. (31-24)

    2) chargers got lucky last time out against the colts, scoring twice on special teams and capitalizing on 6 manning INTs (unheard of!). unfortunately for them, the team’s starting wideouts for this contest won’t be aaron morehead (or whoever the heck was playing). expect harrison to come back slow but the colts to roll to victory. (34-21)

    3) while the jags have an impressive team, they are going up against arguably the best team in league history. you mentioned their great rushing defense, altho with stroud out, i don’t see it being as fierce as it was before. even if they contain moss and welker, expect gaffney or faulk or stallworth or maroney to step up big (god damn they are stacked…)
    the final score might be close, but pats will win convincingly (28-23).

    4) i can’t say i agree or disagree with the giants/cowboys prediction. it all really depends on how eli adjusts to the cowboy defense and also how well the giants defend the pass. if TO is held without a touchdown, i see the giants squeaking this one out. easier said than done. as a giants fan, i must side with big blue on this one. (21-17)

  2. StrixVaria says

    “Jaguars at Patriots (Saturday @ 8:30 on CBS)”

    This is really the only game that matters. If this comes out as you’re calling it (and I think the Jags will win too), then that is the end of the playoffs, as far as I’m concerned. I might watch the Superbowl as a formality, but the Jaguars will be the champions.

  3. hb2021z3 says

    damnn, 3 of my predictions were on the money, and the margin of victory for the giants game was dead on.

    pat on the back for me. stupid peyton had to keep me from going 4/4

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