Spelling is Hard?


So I’m on a Fox News rampage over here but leave it to the next work to tell its viewers that “soldiers” and “monkey” are very difficult words to spell. The lady in the center first didn’t know there was a ‘d’ in soldiers followed by stating the following:

“This [viewer suggestion] was ‘Teach children how to use a dictionary. That is how they will learn to spell.’ But here’s the problem… Do they even sell hardcore dictionaries anymore? Like all on the computer…” — Gretchen Carlson

Courtesy of The Guardian, here are the 100 most difficult of the commonly used words to spell: (go figure how that makes any sense.)

orange, foreign, rhinoceros, properly, vomit, tambourine, tournament, tourist, heaven, engine, exquisite, opposite, advertisement, gnarled, rigid, risen, sinister, spinach, video, vinegar, tie, wheelie, quiet, science, crier, pliers, soldier, Monday, mongrel, monkey, courage, magic, manage, palace, four, journey, gnash, gnaw, gnome, ghastly, guard, miracle, miserable, pigeon, pity, prison, month, mother, nothing, once, smother, son, sponge, tongue, wonder, almost, both, comb, ghost, gross, most, only, post, programme, deny, reply, July, obey, caterpillar, chapel, damage, dragon, fabulous, family, famished, garage, glacier, habit, hazard, hexagonal, imagine, panic, radish, miaow, powder, cauliflower, plant, pyjamas, raft, rather, salami, task, vast, kiosk, kiwi, machine, encourage, somersault, swollen, souvenir

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