Batman Is Back

Richard Corliss of the TIME Magazine has written an intriguing review of The Dark Knight that makes next Friday (release date 7/18/08) seem like forever and a half away. I won’t discuss any spoilers as I have carefully tried to avoid them myself but there has been quite the anticipation since the release of Batman Begins in 2005 for this film. Reportedly, Heath Ledger has played an Oscar Award worthy of an acting job reprising the role of The Joker and from what I have read and seen in trailers, I have a feeling his final acting performance is going to live up to those expectations.

“… And for reassurance, Nolan brings back old friends from Batman Begins: Michael Caine as Bruce’s butler Alfred and Morgan Freeman as Fox, who takes care of Bruce’s toys.

Actually, they’re just diversions from the epochal face-off of Bruce and the Joker. For a good part of the film, when the two embrace in a free fall of souls — one doomed, the other imperiled — you may think you’re in the grip of a mordant masterpiece. That feeling will pass, as the film spends too many of its final moments setting up the series’ third installment. The chill will linger, though. The Dark Knight is bound to haunt you long after you’ve told yourself, Aah, it’s only a comic-book movie”

To read the entire TIME Magazine review, here it is: Batman Is Back — The TIME Review. Anyone up for going to see this in IMAX?

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  1. Two things! First, the new Batman looks damn awesome. I recently watched Batman Begins with Liann on HD-DVD and it got me really excited for the Dark Knight.

    Second. Man, what’s up with your boy and FISA?

  2. Yeah man…Obama’s dropping the ball big time, as has the Democrat controlled Congress. At this rate, I don’t see the donkeys holding majority power much longer.

    “Congressional Approval Falls to Single Digits for First Time Ever

    The percentage of voters who give Congress good or excellent ratings has fallen to single digits for the first time in Rasmussen Reports tracking history. This month, just 9% say Congress is doing a good or excellent job. Most voters (52%) say Congress is doing a poor job, which ties the record high in that dubious category.”

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