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Olympics: 4×100 Freestyle Relay [Video Included]

EDIT: Here is the video… not the greatest quality, but here it is nonetheless. If someone has a better quality, let me know. NBC has the official video up but I can’t currently access it because the computer at work is only a Windows 2000… yes you read that correctly but here is the link for that. (Click the picture on the right for NBC link)

(Watch the video before reading any further). As far as this race goes, I personally thought that Michael Phelps’ quest for the record was over after the 3rd leg and especially after 350m… but boy was I ever wrong. I have no idea where that last 50m came from by Jason Lezak but everyone watching that race in the arena or at home just went crazy. The French were left stunned, I know I was yelling and some of the people I talked to after the final said they were yelling too… just crazy stuff going on at the Olympics and this is why people should watch it!

So I’m pretty sure any video recap for this is not up yet but I will find one in the morning but the 4×100 Freestyle Relay was by far the best swimming race, or definitely one of the best competitive races I have ever seen.

Everyone sorta knew it would be between the French and the Americans and the last leg and more specifically the last 50m really brought the entire arena to its feet as they saw the race finish. I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet but I guess that can change when there is a video available.

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