ABG NFL Contest! 1

So its a little late right now but I play NFL Pick ‘Em every week on Yahoo and I’ll post them here as well. Feel free to post yours or challenge me on a couple of games a week, I’ll even keep score starting next week if you want. Maybe the winner at the end of the season gets a prize?

Let me just set a couple of rules for that contest and people can e-mail me their picks so its confidential until the games start. Picks will lock once the first game of that week starts. Each team can pick 3 games from a week, can be any three games and tell me the winner. You will also need to place 10 confidence points on the three games with each game getting at least one point. You choose a game correctly, you gain the points for that game and your points will add up as the season progresses.

I’ll post updated scored here Tuesday morning or once after all the games from the week have been decided.

You can email your picks at me@angrybrownguy.com and I won’t look at my emails over there until the picks deadline has passed.

Happy Picking!

Week 1 Picks:




Favorite Underdog
• New York (NYG) vs Washington
New York (NYJ) vs Miami
New England vs Kansas City
New Orleans vs Tampa Bay
• Philadelphia vs St. Louis
• Pittsburgh vs Houston
• Detroit vs Atlanta
Buffalo vs • Seattle
Cincinnati vs • Baltimore
• Jacksonville vs Tennessee
• San Diego vs Carolina
Arizona vs San Francisco
Dallas vs Cleveland
Indianapolis vs • Chicago
• Green Bay vs Minnesota
• Denver vs Oakland

• indicates selection
indicates correct pick
indicates incorrect pick

Seriously, don’t ask me why I picked Chicago over Indianapolis… didn’t even believe my own pick on that one until I went back to double check.

So far its 10/14 with 2 games to go tonight.

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