Where Is This “Dark Matter”?

If you’re interested in Physics or more specifically on the topic of Dark Matter, take a look at the article from PhysOrg.com here. A good little piece on the issue on how do we know something is missing when we don’t see it and how do we account for such matter in this universe.

Physicists on the Prowl for Dark Matter

(PhysOrg.com) — 95%. That is the percentage of the known Universe that is missing. As in it is not there. Or at least if it is there, we can’t see it. We call this unseen stuff “dark matter”. That has been well known for sometime. What is trickier in answering is why? Why is it that 95% of the universe is made up of this so-named “dark matter?” An even trickier question is where? As in where is this dark matter? It is those two questions that have plagued physicists for decades. Dark matter, by its own definition cannot be seen, hence its name. So how do we “see” it, how do we know “where” to look?

Kudos to my cousin who wrote it, so make sure to read the entire article and feel free to leave comments here or there about what you think.

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