Red Sox Nation Commercials

I can’t really wait for the baseball season to start so in the meantime, enjoy these two Red Sox Nation commercials going after the Yankees in the meantime.

There have been plenty of angry comments on both of those videos by the bandwagon New York fans and I guess it doesn’t really surprise me. One would think after all these many years, they would understand what a rivalry is but I guess that might be expecting too much from them. Visit the You Tube page by clicking on the video to view the comments directly from the source.

2 Replies to “Red Sox Nation Commercials”

  1. Do you really think the Red Sox own bandwagon fans (and trust me there are a LOT of them in these parts since the World Series win) wouldn't react the same way if a "Yankees Nation" came out with this? It's just how the less intelligent fans who get bothered about small, unimportant things act. They're probably just 12 year old kids trying to act tough on the internet. ALL fan bases have such fans, as I'm sure you well know. Anyway, the first one was lame, but the second one was a little funny, even if it was a bit predictable.

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