Stevens Enacts Fascist Policy 2

[Edit]: Also, it has been quite disappointing by the lack of reaction from students who did receive this e-mail but I guess that once again speaks volumes about the apathy of the student body here. [/Edit]

I just received this email which I can understand is Stevens taking a little precaution but it seems rather extreme that there is absolutely a “no guest” policy for a 24-hour period. This policy also states “other Stevens students who are not assigned to your apartment” are also prohibited from visiting your place which means either you stay in your apartment / dorm room all day without visitors or if you do want to see people, you do it out or about Hoboken.

March 3, 2010

Dear Faraz:

In the interest of maintaining a safe and secure environment during Hoboken’s St. Patrick’s Day activities, on this Saturday, March 6, 2010, The Office of Residence Life is instituting a NO GUESTS policy from 9 am Saturday through 9 am Sunday.  Stevens’ students will not be permitted to have guests in any of our off campus housing locations.  This also applies to other Stevens students who are not assigned to your apartment.

Please be aware of some of the regulations concerning this weekend:

  • Hoboken is issuing swift and strong penalties (fines over $2000, arrests…) to anyone found in violation of city ordinances
  • Zero tolerance policy for any disturbances (including: noise, alcohol, vandalism, public intoxication, verbal/physical altercation, disorderly conduct…)
  • Throwing things off of the balcony or out of windows may result in arrest or permanent removal from the apartment
  • Violation of Hoboken or Stevens policies will jeopardize your current and future Stevens housing and result in additional judicial sanctions

We will be fully staffed and conducting continuous rounds throughout the building on Saturday.  We solicit your assistance in being a “good neighbor” and reporting any inappropriate conduct to your RC or the Center Desk at (201) 216-5105.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we thank you for your anticipated cooperation.


Tony Blazini

Director of Residence Life

It really is a mediocre attempt by Stevens to try and control things on St. Patrick’s Day and I guess this weekend will tell how they ended up enforcing that or whether it was an empty threat.

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