Higher Education Act Loan Forgiveness

For those of us who are studying/graduating after concentrating in the field of applied science, technology, engineering or mathematics along with plenty of other fields that can be found at with the entire text of the amendment and extension the Higher Education Act of 1965 – more specifically pages 160 to 162.

I have quoted some of the text from the Act that shows that you are entitled to no more than $2,000 in loan forgiveness per academic or calendar year and a total amount of $10,000 over the years as long as you are a full time employee in one of the fields.

Just something useful to note as many of my classmates are reaching graduation this year along with those reaching it in the few years or even the recent graduates.

‘‘(1) IN GENERAL.—Subject to paragraph (2), for each school, academic, or calendar year of full-time employment in an area of national need described in subsection (b) that a borrower completes on or after the date of enactment of the Higher Education Opportunity Act, the Secretary shall forgive not more than $2,000 of the student loan obligation of the borrower that is outstanding after the completion of each such school, academic, or calendar year of employment, respectively.

‘‘(2) MAXIMUM AMOUNT.—The Secretary shall not forgive more than $10,000 in the aggregate for any borrower under this section, and no borrower shall receive loan forgiveness under this section for more than five years of service.

‘‘(14) STEM EMPLOYEES.—The individual is employed fulltime in applied sciences, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

Thanks to my buddy Joseph Sullivan for pointing this out to me earlier in the day (yes it’s 9 AM and I said earlier in the day).

Going Out On Top?

So as the news broke yesterday and my good friend Joe tells me to put it, I’ll talk a little about Michael Strahan retiring from the NFL yesterday… a move that apparently surprised his team but doesn’t surprise me one bit. He wanted to retire before the start of the season last year, skipped training camp and was surprising willing to play once the season was just around the corner. You can’t skip training camp like that back to back seasons and just expect to get away with it. He is a great player and he did not play like someone on the decline. He started 15 of 16 regular-season games last season and had 46 tackles and nine sacks. He also played a very crucial role in the Giants upset of the Patriots in last year’s Super Bowl.

But here is the question I am left asking… and it goes for Brett Favre as well. When these players are playing so well, certainly amongst the best in the league at their respective positions… why go out on such a high? I am not questioning their character or willingness to play, everyone knows Brett Favre has been my favorite player in the NFL since I started following it in 1995.

Personally, I have never been one to buy the theory of “Going Out On Top”. Why would you want to do that? You have just shown you are best at what you do, now come back and defend it to show it wasn’t a fluke. Yes, some might say that there is nothing left to prove but as an athlete, just the competitive environment should be enough. Maybe it’s just me making a big deal over nothing and it could just be the fan in me since quality athletes like this are hard to come by and you never like to see them go.

Hockey Videos + Awareness Test

As per Rusty’s request… here is a hockey video from about a week ago is when I think this one happened. Vesa Toskala allows a goal from a puck that was shot from the opposing blue line. Just tons of bounces for the puck and a tough break for Toskala. Luckily, Leafs come back to win the game to keep their playoff hopes alive.


This one happened this past Saturday. Patrick Roy’s son (the goalie) gets involved in the full fledged brawl in the QMJHL Playoffs.


I’m real hesitant to put this video up even though Rusty just showed it to me now. Joe showed it to me last night and I’m not sure if he wanted to put it up himself. It’s a real awareness test and I only know one person so far who passed it… and it was Petey from all the way in Hong Kong who passed.


By the way Mr. Sullivan if you’d like to stake claim on the video, I’ll gladly remove it and link you. For those of you interested, he runs a pretty awesome blog himself here – Jolly White Giant.

MMO Gamers Documentary?

My roommate showed an interesting trailer for an upcoming documentary. I am not sure if I can will myself to watch an entire documentary on the subject but I am sure there are plenty of people out there who have been waiting for something like this to come out. For those of you, enjoy the the little introduction on the documentary below and have fun with the clip.

Second Skin is an upcoming documentary by Pure West Films that focuses on the lives of seven MMO gamers, exploring how their games of choice have affected their lives. It touches on many popular MMO topics, such as falling in love, becoming addicted, gold farming, and the effects virtual worlds can have on the handicapped.

Courtesy: Joseph Sullivan