Weekend Forecast

I’m gonna head down to Washington DC for the weekend with a couple of roommates and a friend, hopefully the weather cooperates (like the 70 degrees today for the entire weekend would be nice). We’ll see how that goes. Anyways, so much going on in the world of sports. NHL Playoffs started yesterday, Masters Tournament started today and Yankees/Red Sox weekend series starts tomorrow night. Another hurdle towards the consecutive games streak comes into play tomorrow as I may be on the road during the game but I can always resort that radio although I would like the use that a little as possible.

NHL Playoffs started yesterday and from what I remember correctly my friend Rusty from High School was at the Devils/Rangers game handing out towels and whatnot to the fans in attendance. I haven’t talked to him since the game but I probably will tonight to ask him how it went. I’m sure he would have preferred a Devils victory but it’s only game 1. The Pens on the other hand looked pretty good, albeit it was against the shorthanded Senators who have really been short handed with a string of injuries and especially after their 15-2 start to the season this year. There have been rumors about the Penguins tanking their last game of the season so they secured a series with Ottawa instead of the Flyers and who knows to the truth about that statement but the Senators are really over-matched in this series.

I know some games have already been played but here are my predictions anyways. Continue reading “Weekend Forecast”