MLB Contest: World Series Prediction

Well unfortunately the World Series has been set with the New York Yankees hosting the Philadelphia Phillies starting Wednesday. I’ll explain the point system in detail for the final round but make sure to have your picks in time before the start of the game Wednesday night. Make sure to read the Points and Bonus Points carefully and if you have any questions, to ask. I think it is explained relatively well but this is written at 2:30 AM so obviously I could have missed something.

Correct Team Prediction: 4 points
Difference in Total # of games: -1 per game
Incorrect Team Prediction: -4 points

Bonus Points:
Make Perfect Prediction: Double Your Points For The Round*
World Series Most Valuable Player: +2 points

* (As long as your prediction is perfect, your round total will be doubled. World Series MVP Bonus is optional bonus.)

If Yankees win the World Series in 6 games with Alex Rodriguez being the MVP and that was your prediction.
You could get a maximum of (4 points for prediction + 2 points for MVP)  x 2 for perfect prediction = 12 points.

If you had picked Yankees in 7 but A-Rod MVP, you would get (3 points + 2 points)  = 5 points.
If you had picked Yankees in 6 but Derek Jeter MVP, you would get (4 points) x 2 = 8 points.



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MLB Contest: Round 2 Update

Well this potential World Series match-up is definitely going from bad to worse with each passing game now that the Phillies have returned to the World Series for a second straight year.

Here are the updated standings after the Phillies/Dodgers wrapped up. Negative 3 points for calling an incorrect series, 3 points for a correct pick but minus 1 point for each game you were off.


Reason Number Two.

Peter Abraham from the LoHud Yankees Blog provides reason #2 for why the Phillies will lose. Here is his post titled, “What Goes Around …

If you remember back to the All-Star Game at the Stadium on July 15, Scott Kazmir was the winning pitcher, pitching an unexpected inning when the game went 15.

The loser was Brad Lidge.

Now Kazmir will start for the Rays tonight, who have home field advantage in the World Series because, in part, of what he and Lidge did. I’m on a fan of the All-Star Game “counting,” but it certainly counted this season for those players.

Reason Number One.

I will be citing several reasons for why the Phillies will lose this series up until the start of game 1 because no pitch has been thrown. After that, it’ll be up to the players to back up history.

The Phillies have 4 World Series losses on their belt. What teams did they lose to?

1915 – Boston Red Sox (4) – Philadelphia Phillies (1)
1950 – New York Yankees (4) – Philadelphia Phillies (0)
1983 – Baltimore Orioles (4) – Philadelphia Phillies (1)
1993 – Toronto Blue Jays (4) – Philadelphia Phillies (2)
2008 – Tampa Bay Rays vs. Philadelphia Phillies

If you can tell the common theme amongst all four of those teams that Philly lost to is that they are 4 out of the 5 teams that make up the AL East. Sorry Philadelphia but you’re set to lose against the AL East… again.

Phillies Should Be Worried

Just a couple of quotes I received immediately as the game finished last night…

“Boston needs a Price check”

“David Price is Money”

“The Price is Right”

This kid, David Price, out of Vandy and the #1 pick really proved his worth last night. Still a rookie, being thrown into a bases-loaded, 2 outs situation in the 8th inning of a game 7 and he did not flinch. Struck out J.D. Drew, then struck out two of four batters he faced in the 9th to kill any Red Sox rally. Yes he’s going to be a remarkable starter but the Rays really need to use him as the closer for the World Series.

I’ll say Tampa Bay in 5 which I know will not sit well with some Phillies fan I know but such is this season. Tampa Bay was not supposed to win the AL East. They were not supposed to get out of the first round. They were not supposed to come back after blowing a 7-0 lead in a close-out game. They were not supposed to win game 7 after falling behind.

Phillies are a good team but Tampa Bay played against quality opponents the entire year, had to hold off the Yankees, Red Sox and even held their own again Anaheim. Let’s face it, Philadelphia played no competition close to that in the National League and having the first two games at the trop should make all the difference in this series.

I was tempted to call sweep but I’ll say Philly wins one in their building. Tampa in 5.