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MLB Contest: World Series Prediction

Well unfortunately the World Series has been set with the New York Yankees hosting the Philadelphia Phillies starting Wednesday. I’ll explain the point system in detail for the final round but make sure to have your picks in time before the start of the game Wednesday night. Make sure to read the Points and Bonus Points carefully and if you have any questions, to ask. I think it is explained relatively well but this is written at 2:30 AM so obviously I could have missed something.

Correct Team Prediction: 4 points
Difference in Total # of games: -1 per game
Incorrect Team Prediction: -4 points

Bonus Points:
Make Perfect Prediction: Double Your Points For The Round*
World Series Most Valuable Player: +2 points

* (As long as your prediction is perfect, your round total will be doubled. World Series MVP Bonus is optional bonus.)

If Yankees win the World Series in 6 games with Alex Rodriguez being the MVP and that was your prediction.
You could get a maximum of (4 points for prediction + 2 points for MVP)  x 2 for perfect prediction = 12 points.

If you had picked Yankees in 7 but A-Rod MVP, you would get (3 points + 2 points)  = 5 points.
If you had picked Yankees in 6 but Derek Jeter MVP, you would get (4 points) x 2 = 8 points.



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9 Responses

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  1. Mike D. says

    PHI 5 Howard

  2. marky mark says

    yankees 6

  3. trinkler says

    yanks 6 arod

  4. marky mark says


  5. K__ says

    Yankees 6 A Rod

  6. chris j says

    yanks in 5!

  7. chris j says

    Sorry, I can't read. Yanks in 5, Arod mvp.

  8. angrybrownguy says

    Two picks that were told to me and not posted here:

    Justin: NYY – 5 with Jeter MVP
    Sabih: NYY – 6 with Sabathia MVP

  9. Ayaz Hyder says

    Philies in 6 Ibanez MVP

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