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Freudian Slip – 9/11 Style

Well here is a Freudian slip for the ages. The more time that continues to pass by, the more slips we have about what actually took place that day… go figure. Whether these mistakes are by Rummy or the mayor or the President himself, they have come from all over the place and contradict the “official” story. He talks about the same plane being shot down that they have tried to play off as people onboard over took the hijackers and brought the plane down themselves… Who knows what you should believe?

“The kind of world we’d face if the people who bombed the mess hall in Mosul, or the people who did the bombing in Spain, or the people who attacked the United States in New York and shot down the plane over Pennsylvania.“ – Donald Rumsfeld


This link has several other slip up by several prominent members of the public and I will show one of them.

Comments? Thoughts?

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  1. Mike D. says

    I’m sorry Faraz, but I can’t, in good conscience, agree or support statements coming from any website ( that deems an Israeli state a mortal enemy, in their case solely by a linkage to a military company.

    We’re all aware that there is an enemy somewhere, and conspiracy theories more often than not can, in-fact, lead to further uncoverings of truth. I think the best example of this is in the dispute over extra-terrestrial life.

    In searching for ET, however, we’re not deeming any fellow human social, religious, or cultural groups as “mortal enemies” or making them out to be any less worthy as human beings.

    I’ve long believed that conspiracy theories, especially in the 9-11 case, can be more dangerous than beneficial. A video I found on YouTube claims to “prove the demolition of WTC7” by pointing out incorrect times in terms of collapse reporting. The danger, however, is not in the posting of such claims and ideas itself, but rather in it’s wake, the comments and accusations afterwards.

    Comments on websites and videos such as these always include “It was the (expletive) Jews” or “Israel shouldn’t exist and yet we aid them.” The spawn of such postings is not rational discussion and discourse, but rather blind hatred. It is my fear that through such posts, we are creating the doubt and confusion in uninformed and swayable viewers’ minds in which hate groups, dangerous propaganda, and other vile information can filter in.

    I don’t have a side or thought on to whether or not 9-11 was a hoax. However, the spread of the resulting commentary hatred and propaganda MUST BE STOPPED at all costs. I liken it to the old shortwave radio, where Russian and Nazi propaganda spewed across the air and attempted to brainwash listeners into believing an unacceptable agenda. That is the real tragedy to come out of all of this. We could in fact be feeding the evil while trying to prove wild claims when maybe the situation ought to just be let go. We would be doing no justice to the 3,000+ who died if we fuel further atrocities.

  2. Mike D. says

    Also, the last CNN clip — since the analogy was “The planes were being used as missiles for attack,” it’s not surprising that the guy said missile.

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