MLB Preview… Sorta?

I thought about doing an entire MLB preview but that is just too much to write for very little in return so I’ll do an Over/Under to a line that my brother put up from some where in Vegas. Check out his post here. Maybe I’ll do something with the Jays, Yankees, Red Sox or maybe if you have a team you want to talk about, send me something and I’ll put it up / comment on it.

They give each team a number on how many games they will win the upcoming year and you guess (or bet) whether they will go over or under the amount. Here are my guesses (no betting here).

A couple of ones that I will point out are Boston at OVER 94, Cubs at OVER 87.5 (I expect them to win the division), and the winner of AL West which is usually a strong division to be UNDER 92 (LA Angels).

Let me know what you think, if you don’t want to post on all of the teams, take your favorite team and a couple of their rivals and let’s see where you rate them.

Listed below are my picks:

Arizona UNDER 86.5
Atlanta OVER 86
Baltimore UNDER 65
Boston OVER 94
Chicago (N) OVER 87.5
Chicago (A) UNDER 76
Cincinnati UNDER 76.5
Cleveland UNDER 91
Colorado OVER 83
Detroit OVER 93.5
Florida OVER 68.5
Houston UNDER 73.5
Kansas City UNDER 73.5
LA Angels UNDER 92
LA Dodgers OVER 87.5
Milwaukee UNDER 84
Minnesota OVER 73.5
NY Mets OVER 92.5
NY Yankees UNDER 94
Oakland OVER 74
Philadelphia UNDER 88
Pittsburgh OVER 68.5
San Diego OVER 85
San Francisco UNDER 72
Seattle UNDER 85
St. Louis UNDER 77
Tampa Bay OVER 72
Texas UNDER 75
Toronto OVER 84
Washington OVER 71.5

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