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Is It Baseball Season Yet?

I was gonna write this up last night but got lazy and then after hearing Mike complain on Mike’d Up and getting notified that I had more John McCain related posts than Yankees, I decided to got procrastinating. I have usually made a couple of trips to the stadium each year since 2004 with the exception of last year. Hopefully I’ll pick up at least a game this year, probably a Blue Jays or Rays game in the summer but it seems more and more likely that it might be more of an economically suitable option to go watch a Major League game at Citi Field instead.

Yankees opened up single game tickets yesterday to the public at around 10 in the morning and due to class I didn’t get around to it until the middle of the afternoon. I wasn’t going in expecting there would be many tickets (reasonably priced anyways) available and that’s exactly the case that I found. I can’t find anything available under $100 each for a pair of tickets yet tickets right behind home plate are still available at the very cheap price of $2,625 each. I have been trying to purchase those $5 ticket for specially marked games but I guess it is safe to say those are probably sold out since it keeps coming up as unavailable or marked as regular price.

As for pre-season predictions and over/under numbers, expect a post on it before the end of the month or first few days of April at the latest.

P.S. 10 days until Major League Baseball 2009 Opening Night.

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