MLB Contest Update

I didn’t know how comfortable everyone was with their names being posted so I have just used initials from your names for this update. Listed below are the predictions and the updated totals with the three series decided so far. Plenty of early losses in points for those who took the St. Louis Cardinals and/or the Boston Red Sox… plenty of -3’s in those columns. No one took the Cinderella team in the Minnesota Twins as they were swept out tonight (no one to blame but themselves on that one) but at least it looks like there will be on good series – Phillies / Rockies.

I’ll update the scoring table with names (if no one objects) following the end of the last series. The ALDS will start Friday in New York but the NLDS starts Thursday night, so make sure to have your picks submitted before the start of that game. If you’re late, I’ll probably allow before the first run is scored in the game but no point in risking your luck.


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