NHL Has The Greatest Fans In Pro Sports

Whether you like the the NHL or not, the first clip should probably rank as your #1 of any national anthem performance in pro sports history. I really wonder why you don’t see even a remotely close effort here south of the border.

A very classy move by the Boston Bruins’ fans to not boo the Canadian national anthem after it was booed by the losers in Quebec.

Also, Mo Cheeks is the man for coming to the rescue of Natalie Gilbert who clearly has the talent but got a little stage fright in front of a packed house at a basketball game.

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  1. That's pretty awesome. Definitely not something you'd see here in America although it'd be awesome if American fans were a bit more into things…

    I'd say football (overseas football) has the best fans in Pro Sports though. Chants and songs for the players, managers, situations, etc – and most are really creative.

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