Starting To Run Again

It will be 11 months next week since I moved north of the border and I have really gotten out of shape in that time. I used to be able to run a 6:30 mile during my best days but now I can barely pull off a 6:30 kilometer. Not bad for a 11-month layoff but I am slowly starting to get myself back into this.

Take a look at the incline, all the way at the bottom of the attached picture. The run begins with an immediately down hill run and hits rock bottom about a kilometer in which also happens to be where my non-stop running hits a wall. The huge 13 meter climb a little before half way into my run is a real killer but that’s something I’m gonna use to get myself back in shape again.

Hopefully towards the latter half of this year, I’ll participate in a 5 or 10k run either here or back in the States.

Anyone else here on If you are, get me on your street team and let’s run one of these races later in the year.

Also I was shown this video yesterday and maybe it is correct, maybe it is not but I raises valid points about how you run and how it may end up hurting you. Take a quick look and let me know what you think.

On a completely unrelated note with the Stanley Cup Finals starting tomorrow, watch this clip. Skip to around the 0:30 mark:

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