Woot T-Shirt Contest 3

So there is a Shirt.Woot contest that is going on until Monday about wearing a Woot Shirt in a country that is not United States and then submitting the picture. Much to my delight as I will be going to Canada on Thursday and now I will be taking my two shirts “Army In My Pocket” and “Do The Math” but I am still not sure what kind of picture to take.

Any ideas?

Anyways, here is a mini description about the contest with a link above.

You may or may not have known that our t-shirt site, Shirt.Woot, now ships to 45 countries whose residents are otherwise unable to partake of the Woot empire’s offerings. In any case, you know it now. But frankly, we worry a little about sending our “fabric children” out into the great big world. We’d feel so much better if they’d get in touch with us and let us know they’re alright. Your challenge this week:

Show us a Woot tee in its new home in one of the countries on this list.

Any Woot tee, past or present, is fair game – here’s a list, with artwork. Obviously, the funnier the situation and the connection to the country in question, the better. And we shouldn’t need to tell you this, but we will: defamatory ethnic and racial stereotypes will get you nowhere.

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